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We Manage Lead Logistics for big brands

Here at Akaal Logistics, we have built our name based on the relationships we have with our customers.

We prioritize clear communication, hands-on problem solving, and one-on-one connectivity with our customers.

Akaal Logistics believes the most important thing we can give you is confidence.

01. Full Truckload


Full Truckload services include any shipment where your merchandise will take up an entire truck or most of it. 

02. LTL

A shipment is considered less-than-truckload, or “LTL,” if there is not enough merchandise to fill a truck. 

03. Dry Van

Most commonly seen trailers attached to semis in today’s logistics industry. Called “dry” because they keep goods dry and free from external elements

04. Refrigerated


Refrigerated, or “reefer” trailers are extremely common among produce and greenery shippers. Contains a temperature controlling unit on the front of the trailer.

05. Flatbed

A flatbed truck would be the perfect solution if your company ships any type of merchandise that doesn’t need to be enclosed in a dry van. Easier access for loading & unloading

06. Drayage

“Drayage” is a term used in ocean freight that entails a port-certified carrier picking up a container from the ports and taking it to a nearby yard. These are short-term runs, usually less than 100 miles.

We Provide Future of Delivery


We are a team of highly trained professionals with over a decade of experience in supply chain and logistics.

Akaal Logistics offers the most cost effective and secured freight services in the industry.

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We have the capacity and the network to get your goods to where they need to be. 

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We bargain to get the best deals so you do not have to. Contact us today for peace of mind. 

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Our aim is to develop environmentally sustainable and resilient supply chain to look after Planet Earth.

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Our Carrier's success, is our Success

Carrier's are an essential pillar at Akaal Logistics. We go above and beyond to ensure our carrier's needs are always met. 

Come onboard with a leading freight brokerage team that accelerates your growth.

Whatever the fleet size, we have all the opportunities for you. 

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